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Beyond Human

In Development

Max Kendall is an adventure seeking boy, who lives an isolated life on a
barren, climate ravaged quarantine zone, along with his father William, a
famous scientist and creator of androids, determined to find a cure for the
cause of their rebellion against mankind, who have come to depend on them for
survival, but now spell certain doom.

When they discover Adam, a faceless android boy, they realise that he harbours
the cure that could end the rebellion but must survive being marooned in the
hostile rebel quarantine, evading the dreaded Military General Hayward, intent
on destroying all androids.

Max soon discovers things are even more complicated, as Adam's origins and his
own are closely intertwined, holding the key to his own destiny and the
secrets to his father's darker legacy - a destiny that will unite human and
android and prevent the end of mankind on Earth.

An 8-Part Sci-Fi Action Adventure Series for Television

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CLICK HERE to Download the Pitch Deck

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