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Wolf Whistle


Julia Hopkins, is a loving single mother, separated from her husband Terry, and struggling to make ends meet for her two daughters. When Terry calls Julia, informing her that he is stranded in the woods and needs her to pick him up, she agrees out of some sort of misplaced loyalty, despite her bitterness toward him.

Upon arriving, Julia soon discovers that Terry has lost the family dog and they must search for it. However, they soon discover it's bloody remains, and they are being hunted by a Werewolf hell bent on devouring them.

Taking refuge inside Julia’s car, the duo must survive ferocious attacks, with car keys lost, and with no means to communicate with the outside world, Julia and Terry must put their differences aside and join forces to combat the monster, while summoning every bit of courage in formulating an escape to get back to their loved ones.

A survival horror thriller -


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