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Four corrupt cops torture a mysterious informant, only to realise they are part of an orchestrated plot to avenge his murdered family.

It begins when the ringleader of four diabolically corrupt cops is brutally murdered, and their ‘retirement fund’ goes missing. The detectives are baying for blood and in an abandoned house they torture a mysterious informant called Xavier, hoping their only lead will provide answers.

However, as each cop takes turns to purge a confession, Xavier begins to exploit each of their sordid weaknesses, turning the tables on them in a carefully orchestrated revenge for their roles in the murder of his pregnant fiancée, many years ago.
Ensnared in a web of deception and paranoia, they eventually turn on each other, soon realising the true identity of their captive, and their perilous situation. 
Finally, as Xavier is executed one is left triumphant to walk away with all of the money, straight into the clutches of Internal Affairs, concluding the elaborate plot in which Xavier is still alive, having found justice, but not before learning one last shocking truth – his daughter is still alive.

A revenge thriller -


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