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What if an online stalker took over your life with deadly consequences?

Alicia is your typical 22-year-old ‘girl-next-door’ addicted to social media and at the top of the rankings on a popular new online app called LIVE. Alicia loves the attention, popularity and particularly money that giving total strangers complete access to her personal life brings her, leaving her poor upbringing and lack of self-worth behind.


However, the reality is that she is agoraphobic and has not left her apartment in two years, having frequent nightmares involving a rape in her youth, which she does her best to conceal.


A mysterious follower called TROLL, suddenly tells Alicia that she must drop her false online persona and reveal the truth behind her rape or face fatal consequences.


Alicia soon realises that there is no escape from this hacker mastermind as he takes control of her entire life, poisoning her and murdering her estranged mother, leaving her with no choice but to sacrifice her fame and fortune by revealing her secret past or face certain death.


A horror thriller -


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